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Some basic rules of Parenting you need to know

Usually we take “parenting” as “parental care” and “child rearing”; but in reality it is not as simple as that. It is a vast subject that needs even vaster research. We cannot generalize human behaviour neither can we summarize it in few words. When the situation changes, the behaviour also changes; we have to ponder over it again and again to get some conclusion. We have to make our canvas large enough to hold two extreme ends on it simultaneously. Parenting not only involves the physical, mental and emotional upbringing of a child but also have an eye on his social behavior, his ability to accept and reject different norms of society for a long period of time (from the birth to the adulthood). Biological fact definitely directs the whole scenario but there are many other factors too that do not allow the process of “parenting” easier.

There are many factors that have strong impacts on “parenting decisions”. First of all, parents as human beings differ from each other. Their backgrounds and experiences are different so are their reactions at the time when they become parents. Normally fathers’ style is different from mothers’. Fathers are more practical and mothers are more emotional. Single parents raise their children differently. Income and the social status also play an important role in upbringing a child. Culture of the area is another important factor in this regard.  Different values of different parents lead them to apply different rules to train their kids according to the norms of their societies. American culture is completely different from that of South African culture. Likewise first world countries have completely different standards and requirements of upbringing their kids as compare to the third world countries.

Whatever may be the reason of these different ways of “parenting”, their ultimate goal is same. All of the parents want to make their kids responsible, productive and healthy members of society who have balanced personalities and capable enough to tackle the problems of life without effecting their own happiness. For this goal, their strategies may be different, but if they follow these few common rules at the time of parenting; they can get good results.

First of all parents should be realistic enough to know the nature of their child. They should not ignore the fact that every child has his own personality and he should be brought up accordingly.

Secondly, parents should not preach. Rather, they should practically do what they want to see in the behaviour of their kids. They should also keep in mind that this is not a one-day activity. In other words, it should be in their second nature so that it can be absorbed easily. Thirdly,
love can change everything.

So parents should show their deep love to their kids. Love and care can mould them in their preferred pattern. Critical and sarcastic approach can damage the personality of their kids. Fear can make their God-gifted qualities blunt. Especially new born babies and infants must be treated politely so that they can develop their confidence and harness their abilities. Their small adventures should be celebrated and encouraged.

These are the few well-settled formulas that can work in every condition. If followed properly, upcoming generation can be much more productive and balanced.


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