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5 Reasons to avoid the Tattoos

Tattooing is being done from the Pre-Egyptian era. Salted mummies are found with the tattoos on their bodies. Tattoos are made on the skin by carving the dermis layer and inserting the ink in it. Sometimes these are also made by just  carving the skin and designing the pattern on it. Tattooing is addiction as well as an act of body makeup. In many cases the tattoos can also go wrong and can be harmful for your body as well. As it involves the puncturing of skin and adding the ink in it, It can be very dangerous sometimes.

Tattoo Ink Allergy

Sometimes the ink of the can cause the allergic reactions. Exact composition of the tattoo ink is hardly known because the manufacturers are not advised by FDA to reveal their ingredients. The home-made or traditional tattoos have ink, dirt and blood in it while industrially prepared tattoos ink use heavy metal such zinc, cadmium and chromium to make the base pigment. These ingredients sometimes cause the allergic reactions, you will have itching have bumps near the tattoos. It can occur right after tattooing or years later. It is better to consult doctor as soon as possible.

Skin Infection

While having a tattoo on your body, Don't forget to check that you equipment he is going to use on your body is properly sterilized or not. Otherwise it can cause skin infection to you. You skin will start turning red. Some other symptoms are swelling and pus-like drainage from the tattoo. In such case, you will need the antibiotics but for this purpose consult some medical expert and have some proper guideline about using the antibiotics.

Keloids Formations

Keloids are the irregular fibrous tissues which are formed due to injury or scar. It is flesh-colored and irritates when your rub it. Most Keloids can't be treated but there are some methods available such cryotherapy, surgical removal and radiation. But some of these can cause more bigger Keloids to you. Tattoos can cause you Keloids and on the whole area of the Tattoo. This can be a reason to not to have a tattoo on your skin.

Blood-borne diseases

Tattoos can give you the blood-borne diseases. While tattooing, the surgical instruments go in contact with the blood. If not sterilized properly, the instrument can be a transmitter of HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases. So before choosing a tattoo artist, make sure that he sterilizes his instruments properly. A bit of reluctance can't put you in a big danger.

Removal Problems

Tattoos are removed using the laser which traumatize the superficial layer of the skin and break the ink particles into smaller fragments that can be removed by bodies' waste system. The laser can leave scars on your skin and can also leave textures. Color change of the skin us very vivid in those people who have dark complexion. So avoid having tattoos because it not easy to get rid of it.

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