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The Genuine Secrets About ‘Open Pores’

This article is about common myths regarding Open pores on skin, that exist in our society. Open pores on skin specially on face give a very rough and creepy look to the face and nobody likes that, so people tend to get rid of them by using different procedures and treatments,
What people think is that they can close those pores or the treatments may shrink their pores and they could get a open-pore free , flawless skin but this actually can never happen, because the pores are unable to Open or Close, the open pores are inherited and genotype is the main factor contributing to pore appearance, other factors include clogging of skin oils and dirt as well as aging affect the pore size. When clogging becomes excessive the black and white heads appear on skin. We cannot get rid of pores because they are unable to close but we can use different remedies that can make the pore appearance less visible.

What are skin/open pores?

Prior to getting into facts and myths about existence of skin pores, first of all we have to know what actually the skin pores are. The skin pores are basically the tiny openings or holes that appear on one’s skin, constituting oil producing sebaceous glands serving as a gateway for the entrance of our skin’s natural oil, termed as ‘Sebum’ , and also allowing the dead skin cells to reach the surface of our skin. So the pore is just serving as a channel or pathway for the entrance of such molecules into the skin.
The follicles of our hairs also grow in these pores. So pores are there for every hair follicle.  (Dr. Kucy Pon, consulting dermatologist for Olay)

Does Everybody Got pores?

As I have already mentioned that the skin pores serve as a home for the hair follicles, so yes it is true that ‘EACH AND EVERY PERSON GOT PORES
The pores occur from head to toe, each single hair follicle needs a skin pore to grow. Apart from some areas of the human body (Like Eyelids) the pores are present all over the skin. So nobody can confess that they have not got the pores.
But basically my focus here will be on the pores that appear on face’s skin, which make our skin look  rough and awful and makes the skin appear bumpy.

No one likes or admires these pores on their face. No one wants to look creepy, every one prefers smooth and flawless skin, especially the girls. And such pores that mostly are present on cheeks and nose are the major obstacle to getting the flawless skin. So everyone tries their best to get rid of these pores by different treatments and medications but no one actually knows ( apart from lesser number of people )  the facts and bottom line of the existence of these open pores.

What makes a pore Bigger?

The size of the pores that appear on our skin is largely dependent on our genetic makeup, because the pore appearance on one’s skin is inherited and for determining it’s size the genotype of the individual can be focused. (kin experts at the Renaissance Medical Spa in Indiana)

Some skin pores are larger and some are smaller, and this depends on the size of the hair gland as well as the hair follicle. Apart from this the poor hygienic conditions of skin, including the skin’s own oil and the dead skin cells play an important role in make the size of the pore more larger. Aging as well as exposure to sun and damage from sun are also the factors that contribute to the size of pores and make it appear more bigger.

The clogging of the pore with sebum and dead skin cells makes it more apparent on skin because it stretches the pore and hence it gets more prominent. (Dr. Lydia Evans, a New York-based consulting dermatologist for L’Oreal)

Are Open pores related to Black/white-heads?

Yes the open pores are related to black and white heads. Infact the pores are the first step for the formation or appearance of black/white heads.

When the excessive clogging of the pores occurs, another unpleasant condition for skin happens, Yes, the black and white heads!
The question arises here is What Makes A Blackhead Look Black?
This actually is the dirt, yes the dirt is black and this literally makes a Blackhead. The dirt what I am talking about is referring to the oils of our skin which are blocked inside the pores and turn black in color. This happens because of the oxidation, a reaction involving the sebum and oxygen.

  • The blackheads are also named as ‘Open Comedones’

  • The whiteheads are also named as ‘Closed Comedones’

The reason behind naming them as open and close is that the blackheads are open spots on the surface of our skin while the white heads are not open on the surface, hence the oil does not turns black and remains white giving white headed appearance.

Can we close or shrink these pores?

An interesting fact that I am going to discuss in this article is the Existence of myths about opening and shrinking of the skin pores. What people think and what we hear about skin pores is not actually the truth. Shrinking, closing and disappearance actually do not occur, as it is believed that by taking steam facials or different chemical facials or rubbing ice or ice cold water treatment, we may get rid of our open pores. The fact is that ‘THE PORES DO NOT OPEN AND CLOSE’Because the pores do not have any muscles around them that could be stretched to make them small. But yes they may look smaller after applying different treatments (like taking steam).

The reason behind that is just the Loss of the skin’s natural oil and dirt that is filled into these pores, and as the Sebum(oil) is removed from the pores the pore size gets automatically shrinked and looks smaller, and the pore seems as small sized and sometimes like disappeared.

How to Get Rid of these pores?

Concluding all, it is confirmed that we cannot literally get rid of our skin pores, we cannot shrink or close them. The pores cannot be stretched.  But there must be something that could help us to reduce the appearance of the pores and make them less visible.
So one can perform certain remedies and treatments like proper cleansing, taking proper steam facials, using oil free primers, Use of salicylic acid (BHA) exfoliant, pore refining toners and applying mattifying balm throughout the day .One must avoid products that contain drying and irritating ingredients, must stop using skin-care products that clog pores or cause oil glands to produce more oil.

These remedies will help only to minimize the visibility of the open pores temporarily, so one must not confuse these treatments for permanently disappearance of pores, because it is not possible.


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