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Eating well for Buoyancy and health

There is no doubt that healthy, various and balance diet plays important role in keeping young. You are what you eat’ is an old adage perhaps . It is somehow right that healthy and natural diet can reduce the aging factor to some extent. Substance such as antioxidant and some essential fatty acids present in some food help mind fighting against many illness associated to ageing such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, pulses and beans to your diet can add years to your life and will ensure that your skin glows and you feel full of energy and vigor. Junk food being sold in market  Hungju Lu That food should be taken in your diet that is known to enhance health and promote positive ageing which will make you fell fresh. We should always choose organic food. Organic foods are the foods which are totally free of pesticides and are free of GM (Genetically modified). What are Organic Foods? To feel young and stay healthy here are few things w

Price Of Evolution : Cruel Human and their Poor Heart

Heart is a pumping organ which pumps an amount of blood equal to 40 drums per day in almost 1000 km of arteries. Human started standing upright 7 million year ago, so heart has to do extra work to send blood against gravity..Heart always sacrifices to send blood in fetus and stands above the brain, even when it is not able to do so. Brain grows 3 times in evolution and heart sends it blood. Evolution: it is said that human heart was evaluated 300 million year ago, as human was developed from reptiles. If compared heart of an Elegater, a reptile is spongy & without vessels. Mammals’ heart is stronger and has vessels. 1 st heart having vessels was developed in Adelobasileus, who got a good heart to escape from hunters, as he continuously needed energy much blood supply while running. Myocardial Infarction : Death of cardiac muscles due to blockage of heart vessels. Causes: Its Causes are much more related to food e.g. excessive use of salt, alcohol, sugar, cigarette & meat but

Top 5 Android Fitness Apps Free Download

You use your android device to play games, surfing the web, checking social media etc., but do you know that there are many android apps which can help you stay fit without the need of a personal trainer. We tested plenty of apps to check which health related android app is good enough for you to try. These probably might not be the best apps out there but these are the free ones with a lot of features. This post is not meant to compare an app with the other. Endomondo - Running & Walking Edomondo is an app which can turn your phone into a personal trainer and fitness tracker. Whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or doing any other type of fitness, Endomondo will help you track it. It can be more fun when you compete with your friends. You can set new targets for you and then can chase them. Endomondo can also sync with other wearables like Fitbit, Pebble and Garmin etc. The good thing is that this app is free but you can also get premium and unlock more features. Lumosity Wan