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Top 5 Android Fitness Apps Free Download

You use your android device to play games, surfing the web, checking social media etc., but do you know that there are many android apps which can help you stay fit without the need of a personal trainer. We tested plenty of apps to check which health related android app is good enough for you to try. These probably might not be the best apps out there but these are the free ones with a lot of features. This post is not meant to compare an app with the other.

  1. Endomondo - Running & Walking

Edomondo is an app which can turn your phone into a personal trainer and fitness tracker. Whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or doing any other type of fitness, Endomondo will help you track it. It can be more fun when you compete with your friends. You can set new targets for you and then can chase them. Endomondo can also sync with other wearables like Fitbit, Pebble and Garmin etc. The good thing is that this app is free but you can also get premium and unlock more features.

  1. Lumosity

Want an app which challenges your brain? Then you should take a look at Lumosity. Lumosity is used by over 70 million users worldwide. It can help you train your memory by playing games. Playing games is good for passing time but playing games on Lumosity can help you improve your cognitive abilities. The games are based on cognitive and neuropsychological tasks. You can also compare with other lumosity members of your age. Like others, this app is also free with in-app purchases to unlock more features.

  1. SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

Getting good sleep is very important. If something is disturbing you while sleeping, you can use SleepBot to find it. SleepBot is a free android app which tracks your sleep and your movement. Not only this, it also has auto-recording feature through which you can check whether you snore or talk while sleeping. This free app also syncs with an online version of Its web app. The good part is this that It provide trend graphs which shows length, sleep/wake times, pattern. Through this you can see your sleep statistics.

  1. WebMD for Android

Are you not feeling well? Something's wrong (health wise)? You wanted to figure out what is causing that? You should check WebMD, a free android app which can help you track your health related issues. The app is very simple to use and have variety of features. You can search for information on drugs, supplements and vitamins. You can also read their uses and side-effects. This amazing app can also find the closest hospital for you, based on your location. This app is also free.

  1. Aqualert:Water Reminder H2O

Are you a busy person and want reminder to get water in-take throughout the day? You need Aqualert. Aqualert keeps you hydrated through its reminders. It helps you know how much water you should drink daily. Using this app is simple and adequate for any age. This app has many features like Automatic bed time mode, graphical display of hydration level, water in-take calculator and some notes of why to be hydrated. This app has both free and paid version. The benefit of paid version is that It is free from Ads.

These were the five apps which you should try out. Every app has its own benefits. Whether you want to track your walk (Endomondo) or sleep (SleepBot), improve your cognitive abilities (Lumosity), check any health related issue (WebMD) or want to stay hydrated (Aqualert), The above apps will definitely help you in doing so.

Let us know through comments that which app you think is worth trying.


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