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9 Ways to Keep Our Heart Healthy

Heart is the organ which works whole life. Keeping it healthy is key to remain healthy and young. Making few changes in your daily life can help in improving the health of heart and keep you away from the heart disease. Keep the pressure off During every visit to the doctor the cuff squeezing is important. It helps in measuring the blood pressure through arteries with every heartbeat. If the blood pressure remains too high, all the time the extra force can damage arteries walls and can cause scars which can cause problem in the transportation of the oxygen and blood to and from heart. Then heart has to exert extra amount of force in order to pump which in result cause it to worn out fast. If the heart does not receive the proper amount of oxygen parts of it can die which is why heart attack happen. Blood pressure checkup should be twice a week so that person should be aware of his or her heart health. Although many people are able to maintain the heart health by controlling their diet

5 Humans with Amazing Bodies and Comments by the People

Some humans have amazing bodies by birth and some humans make themselves amazing in their lives. Here the term amazing means the weirdest, tallest, smallest and heaviest also. These amazing humans surprise others with their cool and supreme bodies. The World is full of such humans with amazing bodies and we have collected top 5 such amazing humans. You will also get to read some worth-reading comments about such people. Longest Moustache RAM SINGH CHAUHAN Mr. Ram Singh Chauhan is basically from India and his Moustache measures 4.29 m (14 ft). It was recorded in Rome during an Italian show " Lo Show dei Record " in 4 March 2010 by the team of Guinness World Records . Mr Vogel giving some funny remarks said " How he sleep with it? Probably gets tied in it. " Longest Fingernails MELVIN BOOTHE Mr. Boothe is from Pontiac, US. He have most longest fingernails in in males -ever. Length of 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in), when measured in Troy, Michigan, USA on 30 May 2009. Unfortun