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5 Humans with Amazing Bodies and Comments by the People

Some humans have amazing bodies by birth and some humans make themselves amazing in their lives. Here the term amazing means the weirdest, tallest, smallest and heaviest also. These amazing humans surprise others with their cool and supreme bodies. The World is full of such humans with amazing bodies and we have collected top 5 such amazing humans. You will also get to read some worth-reading comments about such people.

Longest Moustache


Mr. Ram Singh Chauhan is basically from India and his Moustache measures 4.29 m (14 ft). It was recorded in Rome during an Italian show "Lo Show dei Record" in 4 March 2010 by the team of Guinness World Records. Mr Vogel giving some funny remarks said "How he sleep with it? Probably gets tied in it."

Longest Fingernails


Mr. Boothe is from Pontiac, US. He have most longest fingernails in in males -ever. Length of 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in), when measured in Troy, Michigan, USA on 30 May 2009. Unfortunately, Melvin passed away in December 2009. Mel Boothe said. " Yea he was a good men. growing up the nails was normal, it still is, I remember him need to use tweezers to grab candy out of the, candy jar, just to hand it to hand me one." . Lisa Bryant said "Seems disabling to me. I would feel punished, but to each his own."

Weirdest Facial Modification

Jenya Bolotov

You have seen people around with facial piercings but Jenya Bolotov is someone very special not because he is a Piercer but his piercings are exclusive to him only. His own words "I got my piercing a very long time ago. my friend skalpeled my septum up to 6mm. my brother pierced my lower lip to 3mm and nostrils to 14ga. upper lip piercing I did myself, 14ga (1.6mm) and it was my last piercing that I made myself 8 years ago." We interviewed him, Read what he have to say more. Interview of Jenya Bolotov - Facial Piercer

Widest Mouth


This widest mouth of 17cm belongs to Mr. Fancisco Moingos Joaquim "Chiquinho" (Angola).  It was measured on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 18 March 2010. Read below what people are saying

Comments About Widest Mouth

Most Cosmetic Surgeries

Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson is the Pioneer of the Plastic Surgery. Now and Author and TV artist. Cindy Jackson (USA) has spent $99,600 (£53,148) on 47 cosmetic procedures, including nine full-scale surgical operations since 1988. These have included three full facelifts, two nose operations, two eye lifts, liposuction, knees, waist, abdomen, thigh and jawline surgery, lip and cheek implants, chemical peels, chin bone reduction and semi-permanent make-up.


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