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9 Ways to Keep Our Heart Healthy

Heart is the organ which works whole life. Keeping it healthy is key to remain healthy and young. Making few changes in your daily life can help in improving the health of heart and keep you away from the heart disease.

  1. Keep the pressure off

During every visit to the doctor the cuff squeezing is important. It helps in measuring the blood pressure through arteries with every heartbeat. If the blood pressure remains too high, all the time the extra force can damage arteries walls and can cause scars which can cause problem in the transportation of the oxygen and blood to and from heart. Then heart has to exert extra amount of force in order to pump which in result cause it to worn out fast. If the heart does not receive the proper amount of oxygen parts of it can die which is why heart attack happen. Blood pressure checkup should be twice a week so that person should be aware of his or her heart health. Although many people are able to maintain the heart health by controlling their diet and by doing daily exercise. Things which should be avoid to maintain the healthy heart are consumption of excess amount of salt, limiting of alcohol to one drink per day and regular exercise manages the stress. If these changes do not show positive affect the doctor should be concerned for better and proper care of heart through medication.

  1. Aim for seven-hour sleep

Sleeping for round about seven is must for the healthy heart. According to one research the people who sleep for seven hours daily had comparably less amount of calcium in their arteries (which is the symptoms of heart diseases) then those people who sleep for 5 hours or less. Sleeping well is also important. The people who reported that they had proper sleep had low level of calcium in their arteries and had healthy heart. If the person awakes and do not feels refresh or do not have proper sleep should concern to his doctor for the proper sleeping.

  1. Sit less and sweat more

At least 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise should be done which is equal to 30 minutes a day. This means that the person should walk half a kilometer daily, or do jogging, push-ups, pull-ups and many other exercise which are not that much hard. Monika Sanghavi, MD, assistant professor of cardiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center says "We now know that even if you exercise for 30 minutes a day, being sedentary for the other 23 and a half hours is really bad for your heart," that does not mean you should quit the desk job. This means that you should walk while you talk mean that you should walk while you are talking on cell phone and when you are not doing any desk work.

  1. Avoid diabetes

For longer period of time high blood sugar level can damage the arteries which put into high risk of heart diseases. The person whose age is 45 or if pregnant or if overweight should weekly check for sugar level to be sure of not having diabetes.  Read Diabetes Mellitus, Types, Cause, Symptoms & Treatment. If you have high level of diabetes, then you should concern your doctor for the right medication and proper diet plan. One simple swap is to trade processed carbs (like white rice) for fiber-rich whole grains (like brown rice). In one study, that simple swap       devastating diabetes risk by 36%.

  1. Crunch the number

If you need to slim down. The easiest way to do so is to calculate your body mass index (BMI), which is a number in relation to your height. If you have BMI 25 or higher can likely to have heart diseases. A BMI of 30 or higher puts you in a category of obesity. It’s easy to lose wait eat less and exercise more but what you eat must be healthy enough to provide you with all the essential nutrients which are require by the body. Saturated diet or calorie counting method and health related apps on the smart phone which keep the record of the information might be helpful in losing some wait.

  1. Have more organic food then Genetically Modified or processed

Healthy Heart - Flickr/carowallis1

You should take that food which is not GM (Genetically Modified) it should be organic means that is grown in tradition way. The food which should be taken are whole, plant-based foods (like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) and which should not be taken are fewer refined or processed foods (like white bread, pasta, crackers, and cookies).

Lloyd-Jones famous footballer says "The latest fads get overplayed by the media, but the core of what makes a heart-healthy eating pattern hasn't changed for decades," one of the fastest way to clean out the diet is to cut down the sugary beverages like soda, and juices because they do not contain the fibers which are present in the fruits and vegetables.

  1. Oblique saturated fats

Large amount bad Cholesterol is not good for the heart health as it can cause dangerous plaques. The main source of bad cholesterol are saturated fats and trans fats which come from red meat, full-fat dairy product, and fried or processed food. So avoid these type of food which contain saturated fats. An adult should have cholesterol test every 5 years.

  1. Ditch cigarette smoking

Smoking directly or passive smoking both are bad for the heart. You should avoid both of them. Now days E (electronic) smoking is trending which is somehow good in such a way that person is free from all the other harmful component present in the cigarette but also acts as a slow poison which kills human by providing small amount of nicotine.

  1. Stress splinter Hobby

Stress cannot be avoided completely it is the fact of life but it can be overcome. It can be overcome by meditation, yoga or exercise. One of the way to overcome stress is to have friends, close family members or a partner to whom we can talk with and share our feelings help in reducing the stress. Which will keep us relax and are heart healthy.

Heart age is based upon two kind of factors one of the factor is controllable other is not. The factors which are controllable are as mention above and the factors which are not controllable are age, gender and family history. It is never too late to turn back. Knowing your heart health and watching it come down can be motivation to work on your heart health so that you could be fit and healthy and could live a long life.


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