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6 tips to reduce your risk of cancer

What is known about the cancer is still evolving research are been made in order to find the different ways to prevent cancer. Cancer which is one of the biggest problem all over the world. Cancer is caused by many different factors which include environmental factors and some natural factors. In natural factors heredity is the main cause. There are some environment factors which could be prevented. But not all such as back ground radiation. Taking comfort in to consideration simple life style change could make a big difference. Here are 7 tip which could somehow help prevent cancer. 1.  Eat a healthy diet Choosing a proper and healthy food and eating at a proper time will not grantee cancer prevention but it might help reduce the risk. Consider these guidelines: Avoid obesity : Eat lighter by choosing less high calorie food, including refined sugars and the fats from animal source. Must eat boiled vegetable which are good source of fiber which helps keep the intestine work properly. E