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Dietary Management for Heart and Diabetes

Not everything can be controlled by you which effect the health such as genetic makeup, age and family history. However, steps can be taken in order to improve your health to reach its full potential. The health is mostly related to the center of life (the heart). In many cases, the heart and diabetes go hand in hand. Having diabetes makes you more vulnerable to heart disease such heart attacks and strokes.

To manage your diabetes you need to eat well balance diet. The food which protects heart is also good for diabetes too. One key to unlocking the two locks is to eat healthily.

Here are few foods which might help you eat deliciously and live a healthy life.

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1. Non-Starchy vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables are the vegetables without calories and carbohydrates. They are typically flowering parts of plants such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. It is good to have these vegetables on your plate at both time lunch and dinner.
A research is in progress on the components present in these vegetables. One of the chemicals is phytochemical which is mostly present in flowering plants. It is thought that this chemical helps in maintaining our blood vessels. Prevent plaque buildup. Which is a link to heart disease? Do eat non-starchy vegetables daily.

2. Sea Food

Seafood is considered to be a good source of proteins. In which mostly commonly used seafood is fish and shellfish. Having fish in your diet is one of the good options as it contains all the important nutrients which a healthy diet should have. Especially good for the heart. Fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids which help in preventing clogging of the arteries. Especially salmon, lake trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, and tuna they contain more amount of Omega-3 than other seafood. Which should be part of your meal twice a week at least.

3. Smart Snacks

There is a time when you are not much hungry so you rely on snacks. Snacks are part of life and choosing a snack which is healthy for you is all you need. Some of the great snacks can be popcorn, fruit and nuts, nonfat yogurt, and veggies with hummus. This all depends on how much you are hungry at the moment and also help in decreasing the cholesterol level in the blood. To stay healthy it is better to act smart and chose smart.

4. Cook Rather Than Order

Cooking is a good habit. Some people love to cook because it helps in getting them relax and choosing what is healthy for them. Cooking is good because these days many restaurants don’t keep track of things which are good for their consumers. It is better to cook at home because you surely select what is best for you and your health. Nowadays all the recipes are easily available and the restaurant food can be cooked at home. It takes the time to cook but when it is done you cannot keep your hands off it.

5. Fruits

Fruits are best in many ways for your health. So they must be included in your daily meal. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Fruits in any form are best for your health which can either be frozen, canned or fresh. But there is one condition that there should be no added sugars in frozen and canned products. Well, it is best that you should have fresh things which are in their natural state. There is an old saying

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

6. Whole Grains

Half of the population of the world depends on whole grains. Whole grains are rich in all type of nutrients which are required by a body. Which include vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Fibers are mostly linked to decreasing the cholesterol level in the blood.
Refined whole grains should be avoided because the nutrients are reduced in the refining process. So it is better to go for the product which is rich in nutrients and healthy too.

7. Drinks that should be avoided

Drinks are part of every meal. All beverages are rich in sugar like energy drinks, soda, sports drinks, lemonade, fruit punch and juice drinks. These all drinks provide empty calories which should be avoided. The best option is to go for the low calories drinks which can be the tea without sugar (black tea, green tea, herbal tea). Mixing of lemon and honey in the warm water can be a good and healthy option as a drink. There are many drinks which are low in calories those can be preferred over the conventional drinks.

8. Eat fresh and low sodium food

Nowadays the concentration of sodium is high in order to make the food more flavored. Moreover, the processed food is also one of the source of high sodium in your diet. In doing so you are putting your health and heart at a greater risk.
There are different ways to which you can add flavor to your food like fresh herbs, spices, garlic and onions, citrus juices, or salt-free seasonings and spice blends. These things are low in the carbohydrates and calories. Eating fresh is always the best option than going for the processed and frozen product. The reasons behind that are that fresh food has good taste than the frozen ones and have more nutritional values than the processed food.

9. Low-fat food

Fats are the main reason bind the blockage of the arteries which in result lead to various heart diseases, and strokes. Basically, the fats start to accumulate in the arteries which in result narrow the diameter for the blood to flow. This cause the pressure to build upon the heart to pump the blood which causes the muscles to ware out.
The solution to this problem is to avoid the saturated fats. Which are present some processed baked goods and snacks, and some fast and fried foods. The list of these fat containing food don’t end here these food are high-fat dairy, red and processed meat, and solid fats like butter and lard.
You cannot totally remove them from your diet but surly you can reduce the use and replace them with better options. Replacement can be such as nuts, seeds, avocados, fish high in omega-3, and plant-based oils that are liquid at room temperature.

It's never too late to start eating healthy. The first step is the hardest step to take but after that things go smoothly. It's better to go step by step to reach the ultimate goal of having a health heart and healthy life. These food just not only help in keeping the heart healthy they are good for the diabetes too.

Eat healthy and stay healthy.


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