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Benefits of Eating Sago

You might be familiar with the little white pearls called "Sago", but you may not know that it's a fruit obtained from Sago Palms. It is cultivated mostly in south-East Asia, especially from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Nutritional Value of Sago 

It is one of the cheapest staple food and also called complete carbohydrate food. 

It contains;
94% of Starch
0.2 gm of protein
0.5 gm dietary fibre 
10 ml of calcium
12 ml of iron

It is lightweight, easily digestible and suitable food for all groups of ages especially for children, and elders. It is mostly added to dietary blend regimens of the patients specifically to those whose digestive system is weak. It is also beneficial during childbirth because of its multi nutrient content. It is also introduced in the weaning diet of the babies after 8 months due to its softness and easy digestion.

Cooking Methods of Sago

Sago can be cooked by various methods alone or in combination. 
  • It is mostly used as chief ingredient in Kheer, Khichdi, puddings, soups, pancakes, bread.
  • It is also used as a thickening agent of many foods. 
  • It is simply cooked in water or milk just by adding sugar.
  • Boiled and drained sago can be added to potatoes as well to make its cutlets. 
  • It is boiled in salty water and then completely dried. After drying the pearls or Sago are deep-fried in hot oil it which will make sago crisps. 

Health Benefits of Sago

Sago is the food that is used for weight gain. People who are too lean and skinny can add Sago to their diet since it belongs to the group of "Strachy Food".


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